A New Day

Morning Pages 10.15.16 12:50pm

Over the span of my time online as “Reignbot”, I think it’s safe to say that I’ve posted a lot more negative than positive stuff. I wanted to change things up a bit. Instead, I’d like to try writing out what I’m thinking, as often as I can, no matter what it may be about.

This is usually called the “Morning Pages” exercise, but I can see I’m already sort of failing at that since I woke up at noon. I was going to wake up at around 6am, but I wasn’t able to sleep last night. I ended up GOING to bed at around 6am instead. I’ll try to start the day early tomorrow, especially since I’ve got places to be for once.

I’ve got a few things to do today–a lot of important things. One of them is to stay sober. I’ve tried and failed this many times, so I’m going to just focus on today. I’ll see what tomorrow brings when it comes. Other than that, I’ve got some recording to do, along with some light meditation.

I’m going to have to figure out how to fall asleep at the right time each night. There are methods that work for me most of the time, but when they don’t, I’m up all night overthinking things and it ruins my entire next day. People have recommended sleeping pills–which I have used–but they absolutely destroy me way past the eight hours I needed them for.

I’ve also been creating more recently. I’ve started to write and draw again, which is odd. I’ve done it here and there over the last couple years, but not in this way. I feel like I’m being brought back to my childhood where all I did was draw and read or write stories. I think I did that a lot back then because I was so lonely. My parents were split up so I found myself alone a lot. Oh, and I’d also listen to a lot of music back then. I never did stop, but these days I’ve been REALLY listening to a lot more again and thinking about what it is I like about each song and artist. I guess, it feels nice to just sit there and appreciate what these people have created, rather than losing it in the background of all the chaos.

Last thing on my mind: It’s getting cold, and I am freezing.



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