Taking A Break & A Cloudy Mind

Morning Pages

10/20/16 11:47am

Not quite morning, but better late than never, I suppose.

This is a little odd considering that I did go to bed early last night. I was ready to wake up at my 6am goal, but for some reason I woke up around midnight instead and there just wasn’t any way for me to fall back asleep. I couldn’t clear my mind enough for rest. The good news is, I was up all night thinking of things I wanted to do, and how to go about doing them. It wasn’t one of those never ending nights, depressed and lonely. Instead, excitement kept me awake.

So, I did miss yesterday’s entry here. I actually missed everything yesterday.

Tuesday was a bit difficult for me. I was going about the day with a clouded mind, and I found it distracting. I got about half of my work done, then I decided to take a break and just do nothing for a little bit. I wanted to take some time to let these feelings process,  because I knew what was about to happen if I didn’t. If I did decide to just shrug them off, then Wednesday would be when I crash and burn mentally, and probably shut down for the next two weeks. So, Wednesday became my lazy day.

I sort of just walked away from everything I needed to do, and instead worked on things I wanted to do. I did get an outline done for a new script that covers a lot of topics people have been requesting. Again, this was something I wanted to do, not something that I had planned to do. I still have no idea if this concept would work on YouTube, especially given the subject matter. I could end up just trashing the entire thing, which would be fine.

I’ve got a lot to do today, a lot of catching up. I’ve got a short list of scripts to get through, and hopefully later tonight I’ll be able to make it to an early showing of Ouija 2. I am not at all looking forward to that, but it seems to have some buzz surrounding it, and I do want to do more movie reviews for the channel.

I’ve also got to record several videos today, which I am dreading. I’m already feeling anxious about it as I sit here typing this. Again, I still haven’t quite gotten over my stage fright despite how long I’ve been doing this.

I don’t have as much to say today as I thought I did, but hopefully I’ll be able to spill more onto the page tomorrow morning if I actually manage to wake up on time. I do feel less inhibited when I’m writing that early. As you can tell, my thoughts are still a bit cloudy right now. I’m not doing terrible, but I’m going to have to make sure I stay on track.

Last thought: I’d kill for some waffles right about now. I hope you all have a great day.




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