New Faces…WTF [YouTube Space NYC]


12.2.16 1:54am

Hello everyone.

This is probably an odd time for me to be writing, but I have stuff on my mind. It’s early, but I might as well just start the day now since I can’t sleep.

It’s December already. Isn’t that crazy? I’ll refrain from my usual complaining about end of the year depression for now. I’ve got something interesting to pour on to the page for once.

A few days ago, I made my first visit to a YouTube space. For those of you who don’t know, YouTube has these production studios in various locations across the globe. It’s supposed to be an open resource to YouTube creators of all levels. I happened to stop by the YouTube space in New York since it’s the closest one to me. Out of curiosity, I sat in on an “Introduction to YouTube” workshop. Not exactly something I needed since I’m nearly two years into my channel, but I was curious to see what YouTube would say to aspiring creators.

Now, if you follow me on any of my social media accounts, you’ll know where I stand as far as my opinion on YouTube goes. Yes, I love the site to death, but I am very open about my criticisms towards it. I fully expected a hollow, corporate bullshit presentation with no real substance. After all, these YouTube employees aren’t YouTubers, so what do they know ? I’ll get to my point soon, I promise.

Surprisingly, the presenters were great. The first half was your typical PowerPoint style presentation, but with simple and valid advice. Stuff about thinking of how to brand your channel, or what you want to be known for on the site. Fair enough. I would have given the exact same advice if I were the one up there talking for some reason–not that I’m at all a good role model. The second half was a Q&A session with a YouTube creator with roughly 250,000 subscribers. THAT was what I thought to be most valuable. These fresh faces were able to ask someone with an established channel anything they wanted to.

Ok, this is where shit starts to hit the fan. Where do I even begin? As I said, I fully expected to be sitting there rolling my eyes at a crappy, corporate bullshit talk from a Google employee–but no. It was the other side I couldn’t stand. The audience. This room full of new aspiring creators. The future stars of the platform. Haha!

Allow me to explain. I am NOT making fun of them for trying. In fact, I applaud them for coming out and even making an effort to learn anything. I’ll cut to the point. I have never seen a room full of more egotistical nobodies.  Yes, a good handful of the people who attended that workshop were arrogant, overly confident a-holes.

Let me tell you about the highlights. One guy raised his hand to bring up what felt like the most pressing issue in the world to him. He asked about why his YouTube links barely got any clicks when he posted them to Facebook. The presenter answered how you’d expect him to–short, sweet, and to the point. He told the dude that there ultimately isn’t a way for him to answer that, because we were at the YOUTUBE space, not the FACEBOOK space. The guy immediately got snappy and started to complain about how they were “throttling the conversation.” Yes, this person felt his lack of Facebook clicks warranted stopping the whole presentation to fix his issue.

A guy a few rows ahead of him turned back, and started giving him detailed instructions on how to upload an Mp4 to Facebook instead of posting a link. Again, these people were talking over the presenter, and would not shut up. It felt like high school all over again, only with grown ass adults. This advice giving person would go on to interrupt the speakers about four more times before the night ended.

Later on, someone asked the golden question. How does one go viral on YouTube? Now, if you have any brains at all, you’ll know that going viral is not something you can predict. Anyway, Mr. Advice Giver decided to chime in, saying he had a video that went semi-viral. He later revealed that most of his videos would accumulate roughly a couple hundred views per upload, but one of them had over 100,000 views. THAT was semi-viral for him, and the reason why he felt qualified to give everyone lessons on how to be awesome.

Throughout the night, many more of the attendees decided to interrupt the workshop to offer more hollow advice. So many of them were just blatantly disrespectful to the presenters. Most of them asked questions pertaining to how to go “viral” on YouTube, as that one person did earlier. My point is that a lot of the people there had this “get rich quick” scheming vibe to them. It was disgusting.

A lot of the advice they threw at each other was just plain wrong. For example, one person said that in order to make money on YouTube, people need to watch your videos from start to finish. That is 100% false, and you’d think these new creators would have taken the initiative to find out as much about the platform as possible before coming out to a YouTube studio.

I suppose I was just disappointed. I was expecting to see a group full of hopeful, passionate new faces. Instead, I was surrounded by egotistical asshats who acted like they were Pewdiepie before actually doing any real work.

I know I’m rambling at this point, and that’s because I’m frustrated. I am NOT saying that I know everything, or that I am better than everyone in that room simply because of a number next to my screen name. No. All I am saying is that I don’t understand how these people expect to get anywhere with their attitudes. Sure, you see egotistical celebrities all the time, but they at least work. As much as I hate to admit it, Kanye West does, in fact, have a career. It’s something. The people I saw at that workshop hadn’t even started yet, and already talked like they were the shit. I am embarrassed for them.

You might be thinking that I’m being too harsh here, and maybe I am. There was a good handful in the room who stayed quiet and took notes. I am hoping that those were the ones with the fire in them. The ones who stayed quiet while the rest of the people around them made fools of themselves.

With all this being said, if you have an idea for a channel or whatever else–do it. Go for it. Just don’t make an ass out of yourself like these people did. I promise you that if any of those people do make it, and I remember them, I WILL call them out.

Here’s a cat. Have a great day.




2 thoughts on “New Faces…WTF [YouTube Space NYC]

  1. It’s like that with any creative effort. Bands, same thing. You walk into a venue with two or three other local bands that don’t have many shows under their belt, and 2/3 of them will be acting like they’re the Rolling Stones because they played this or that gig, or they own this or that equipment. They then proceed to be entirely unprofessional the entire time, and people ignore them during their set. They leave blaming the venue, the sound guy, or anything else other than ‘we suck’ which is the actual reason.

    The key is that the world filters those people out. You’ll never hear of those people in that seminar again. Because they suck. And you don’t.

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