Mundane Update

12.6.2016 7:49

Good morning everyone.

I’m actually in the middle of researching for one of my upcoming videos right now. I was up all night and decided to get a head start on some of my scripts. The last I looked at the time it was probably something like 5am. Time is flying by today.

So, what’s on my mind? I’m all over the place right now, but I feel pretty good. I know a lot is going on with YouTube and people are panicking about it. I do have a feeling that the recent changes (if there really are any) have impacted my channel. Either that, or I’m just experiencing the aftermath of being missing in action for so long. Actually, it’s probably a combination of both. Still, I feel oddly calm. I know I should be freaking out, but that won’t do anything to help my channel. The only thing left to do is press on with the uploads and hope things improve. Maybe something good will come from it.

I’ve got a Q&A coming up on the channel. I’m probably going to record that later today or maybe tomorrow. It depends on when I get enough questions that are worth answering. I’ll admit that these are by far some of the most enjoyable videos to make. Of course, they don’t receive as many views as my regular content, but that’s completely fine. I really enjoy engaging with my audience, which is something I feel like I’m not able to do as easily as I used to when the channel was smaller.

Somewhere down the line I want to become WAY more involved in the community. I really want to start going to conventions and help contribute to the genre in whatever way I can. I feel this weird obligation to keep the conversation going, and I know I haven’t been doing as much to show that this past year.

I’m off to continue what I was doing. Hopefully this wasn’t too boring for you. The life of a YouTuber is pretty much spent hunched over a computer desk.

Have a great Tuesday.



One thought on “Mundane Update

  1. Thanks for the update! I enjoy your work so much that I have notifications set up to let me know when you post something. So, if/when you upload some new work on YouTube, I hear about it and watch when I have time.

    I’m looking forward to the Q&A and whatever you’re researching right now.

    Keep up the great work!


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