The Face Issue & Why “Horror” Was Removed From My Channel Name


14563310_1770149586566719_9181492691397409079_n12/10/16 5:17am

Hello everyone.

I recently posted on social media asking what people thought about if I were to show my face more in my regular videos. I didn’t go into much detail, so maybe I should do that here just to give you an idea of why I asked.

Just to be clear, I am NOT changing anything as of now. This is just an idea, and I’m here to explain my reasoning behind it. On twitter, 87% voted yes to the format change, while the majority of my Facebook followers said they prefer things to stay the way they are. Obviously, this is going to be a big deal for the channel if I go through with it.

So, why did this come up? People have always asked me why I don’t show my face, and my response has always been the same. I feel that whenever I did show my face, the comments always focused more on mundane details about my appearance rather than the actual subject matter of the video. As I’ve always said, I want to be known for what I say, and not what I look like or how I dress.

I started to think more about this, and I realized that I’ve had my channel for almost two years, and I’m currently pushing 180,000 subscribers. I did that on my own, without abusing the fact that I’m a female on the internet who knows how to glue on fake lashes. If I started to show myself on camera now, I can firmly say that I earned my following without it. Some may argue against it, but I know the truth. Oh, and just to be clear, I am NOT saying that I’m hot shit. I’m simply saying that in many cases, female+internet=views.

Anyway, I’ve been weighing out the pros and cons of making the switch. I do want to be more involved in the community, and I feel that adding a face or personality to the channel is something I’ll need to do to achieve that. Another thing is minimizing my use of images that I don’t exactly own the rights to. Sure, fair use is a thing, but the less copyrighted material I use, the better. On the other hand, changing formats will mean that I’ll have to operate on an entirely new set up and schedule. I do have experience with live action stuff, but it’s been a long time and figuring things out at the start is always a pain. There is of course also the issue of throwing my privacy away given that I’d have a much higher chance of being recognized in public. Not that my channel is that big, but it happens.

Again, a lot of people on Facebook seemed to be against the idea. Most of them say that a disembodied voice does more for the creep factor, and I completely understand that. Obviously, introducing a live action host to my videos will mean a MAJOR change in tone and style–one that many will not be happy with. I do want to point something out though. My videos aren’t necessarily meant to be scary. I know this sounds absolutely absurd, but this is also why I removed “horror” from my channel name. People clicked on my videos expecting to be scared, and left disappointed. I was marketing myself wrong. I don’t do the scaring–I talk about things that are scary. I really want to help make that more clear. I want to simply be your gateway into this world, and show you weird shit I find on the internet. I am by no means meant to be the one doing the scaring. This is also why I don’t like to be labeled a “horror” channel, even if I technically am. It feeds people this expectation of what to see, rather than letting the videos speak for themselves.

Back to the format change issue. If this does happen, I’m going to transition slowly. I’ll most likely start with Q&A videos and movie reviews first, then slowly add live action segments where it makes sense to do so. I may leave certain videos in voice over format if they’d be better off that way.  For example, my countdown series may work better with live action segments, while my debunk videos won’t. Again, this is all just an idea at this point, and making the switch will take a long time. If it does happen, it’ll probably be somewhere around summer 2017.

Anyway, I hope this explained a few things about why I’m considering doing this. I know that some people will be angry with the change, and that’s understandable. Remember, you’re free to come and go as you wish.

Final thoughts: Tacos. Fucking tacos. You can’t tell me that doesn’t sound like a good idea right now.

Have a great Saturday.



One thought on “The Face Issue & Why “Horror” Was Removed From My Channel Name

  1. I agree that you would be adding a layer of personality to your channel with some on screen time. Maybe just with some vlogs or maybe q&a every now and then? Though I also agree that being recognized is a scary subject. There are creeps everywhere. Either option could be a good move for you. Also – god damn, yes tacos.


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