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(This entry covers which series will continue in 2017, and which ones were cancelled)


Hello everyone.

I hope you enjoyed the new video. That actually feels a little odd to say since I’m writing this before it even goes live. It’s currently January 9th, 8:00am.

•End slides & Fan Art

First, I want to quickly go over fan art and my end slide. As you know, I currently feature fan art at the ends of my videos. This will be continuing. I’m just going to ask that you use #reignbot to help me find your post. Tagging me also helps. You can submit fan art through any social media platforms that I’m also on. Please remember to sign your work, or link your portfolio. As of now, I am also taking fan signs. I realize that not all of my subscribers are artists, and that’s completely ok. If you want, make me a fan sign along with your social media handle under my name. I’ll also be searching for these using #reignbot. Thanks!

•Shrouded Truth

Anyway, if you read the description of my last upload, then you’ll know that it’s an experimental series I’m trying out. Shrouded Truth (which is currently a working title) will take a bit of a different stance than what you’re used to seeing on my channel. Instead of the usual debunking route, this series will focus on showcasing things that haven’t been solved by anyone yet. By “solved” I mean with solid evidence, not just theories. My reasoning behind this is because I come across a lot of these mysteries, and I figured they should have their own show. Again, this is an experimental/temporary thing, and will only continue if the reception is overall positive. If you want more, please feel free to let me know on social media or by sharing and rating the videos. The next episode of Shrouded Truth is set for Monday, January 16th.

•Movie Reviews

(These have been unlisted. To view them, see my playlists)

So, what else is happening with the channel? First, movie reviews will no longer be happening. While I enjoy doing them, I am currently not happy with the format and constantly battling false copyright claims. I will consider bringing them back once these issues have been dealt with. For now, I’m considering writing articles about the movies I see if I do feel like talking about them at all.


(These have been unlisted. To view them, see my playlists)

Again, another series I had fun doing, but unfortunately can’t continue at this time. I am also unhappy with the format, and need some time to figure out something better. In the mean time, I’m considering taking my Q&As to social media, either through AMAs or live stream events. This means that if you want to hear more personal stuff from me, you’ll need to keep an eye out for it.

•Curious Countdowns

This series will be continuing so far in 2017 with little to no changes.

•5 Disturbing Things You Shouldn’t Google

Ok, this is where things may get a little touchy, and I apologize for that. Obviously, the Google series was what a lot of you came to see, and I understand that. I am not cancelling the series, but I am also unsure of what to do with it at the moment. My problem with it is that I do have a long list of things I could use, but at what point does it start to become unethical, and simply a display of how vile we can be to each other sometimes? I feel as though my Google videos can send out a message that I never intended them to. As a content creator, I find that unsettling. My point is that I don’t want to link you to an out of context beheading video just for the sake of shock value. I want to be able to explain what’s on screen, but there isn’t always a lot of information out there. Without that information, these videos become rather senseless.

So, where do they stand at this point? I will create them if/when I find things I think are worth talking about. If not, then the series will have to wait. I will, however, find a way to incorporate similar material into my other videos.


These videos will definitely continue on the ReignBot channel, BUT only as often as I find something worth talking about. Sure, I could give you a weekly analysis on every mundane creepy ARG-like channel that pops up, but that would become terribly boring very quickly–I promise you that. Instead, I want to reserve these videos for stories with a little more “bite” to them, if that makes sense. I will look into anything you throw at me, so please feel free to leave a suggestion. Just because I don’t make a video about it immediately doesn’t mean I’m not interested. Take the risk and send in the link!


Ok, if you know me at all, you’ll know my channel is flaky as fuck. My best advice would be to turn on notifications for my uploads. Remember to check if you’re still subscribed, too. We know that YouTube’s been a little off. Other than that, follow me on Facebook and Twitter. I usually post my newest uploads there as they come out.

I hope no one is freaking out now, and that these changes don’t ruin anything for anyone. Feel free to leave me your thoughts about this either here or on any of my social media accounts. I do appreciate the feedback.

Final thoughts: I hope I don’t fuck up 2017!

Have a great day.



2 thoughts on “Channel & Series Updates | Be In My Videos

  1. Sounds good to me. More of what you do well, which is never bad. Less of things that are either off-brand or just aren’t working for you, which is never bad. Keep on truckin’.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sounds like a great setup. I’m sad to see things go but this is your channel and I will respect your decisions. Also, I like the new video idea (Shrouded Truth) It’s interesting to see something unsolved and be part of the growing experience. I really like to see your theories on these topics as well. Also the name rocks. Have you ever thought of doing videos (and I know they have been overdone) on serial killers, mass murderers, cults, and other topics of that nature?

    Liked by 1 person

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