1.11.17 12:52pm

Hello everyone.

It feels like it’s been forever since the last time I wrote to you. I did intend to update this blog as often as I could, but I started to feel as though I was running out of positive and/or at least neutral things to talk about. My posts were becoming increasingly darker, and I wasn’t happy with the idea of putting that out into the world.

I’ll admit that so far I’m not feeling great about 2017, but in a way, I find that to be a good thing. I feel way more grounded than if I started off 2017 like most people probably did–pumped up and in that “New year, new me!” mode. Obviously, that sort of thing only lasts about three weeks before gyms start to see their numbers drop again. I haven’t aimed that high, so the fall won’t be nearly as bad.

There will be a new video out today. I got it done early, so now it’s just a matter of waiting until it goes live. I also have another video scheduled for next Wednesday. It’ll be talking about something that happened way back in 2015, that a ton of people still ask me about to this day. I’m hoping it’ll help put some minds to rest.

I’ve also got a ton of writing to do. I already have everything outlined for the remainder of January, and I’d like to start thinking of ideas for next month as well. Today, I need to sit my ass down and get writing. Tomorrow will be dedicated to recording.

I am a little intimidated by the workload I’ve got in front of me right now. I’ve got a lot of new ideas that I’m excited for, but at the same time, whatever I choose to do right now will either make or break my career–that’s always something to worry about when you make videos for a living. You never know if you’re the only one who thinks something is a good idea. So far, the response has been positive, so I’m at ease.

Right now, I think I’m going to take a minute to unwind and maybe watch some other horror content on YouTube. I just woke up, so I’m still a little groggy.

Have a great day.



3 thoughts on “Return

  1. I hope everything goes as smooth as i can go for you.
    I’m always open to new video formats and the new things you tried so far in 2017 were pretty nice tbh.
    Really looking forward to the next Videos.


  2. I’m really looking forward to more of your content. :). I’ve never commented on you videos, but I wanted to mention that I appreciate your realistic take on everything. You come across as a straight shooting, trustworthy content creator. I love your debunks, and how you don’t sensationalize anything. You’re doing a great job, and I’m sure your new ideas will be great because they will be your angle on things.


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