Cynicism: It’s The Cool Thing To Do! (Oh, and fuck 2016)

1.25.17 9:14am

Good morning everyone.

Today I wanted to talk about something that’s been sort of lingering in my head for several months now. I won’t bother with building it up in a pretty way, so I’ll just come out and say it.

I feel that in the last few years, cynicism has become the new “in” thing for everyone. Optimism (or even rational thinking) only gets you shot down. Everyone was so willing to bash 2016 as the “worst” year ever, and completely neglected anything positive that happened. If the world is one big High School campus, cynicism and negativity are the new fads. Before you say it, yes, I am aware that I am completely guilty of this myself–but at least I’m willing to admit it. We all struggle. We all have shitty days, but when did being distrustful and angry become the cool thing? You may disagree, but we all know that we feel safer not expressing our approval of something, just in case the present company disagrees.

The worst thing to happen in 2016 is the complete loss in our ability to hold civil, intelligent conversations with people of opposing view points.

Modern “Politics”

It’s no secret that the election was a shit show this year no matter who you supported. My personal political beliefs are irrelevant here, so I’ll leave them out. As you probably noticed, I used quotes. Why? Because I’m not interested in talking about Hillary or Trump. I’m interested in the American public. “Politics” today has really just boiled down to one group of supporters bashing the other side as hard as they can, and by any means. People lie, exaggerate, manipulate–all in the pursuit of that sweet, sweet “I’m right and you’re wrong” glory. Oh, you’re a Trump supporter? Then you are, in fact, a racist, sexist, bigot. Oh, you wanted Hillary? Well, that means you’re a crazy SJW who probably needs to shave her pits. Before you try to hunt down my home address, what I just said is there to demonstrate the absurdity of voters in 2016. They are not my personal opinions, but I doubt a lot of people will accept that. Why? Because we’re so fucking cynical. We’re so quick  to label someone something horrible, rather than attempting to understand them. You may actually want to learn more about the other side, but good luck asking someone why they believe what they do without them blowing up in your face.

2016 Killed So Many Famous People!Why?!

This is probably what I found the most annoying last year. Yes, it is terrible that all these people we loved passed on, and blaming 2016 is just our way of expressing whatever grief we had about it. We’re free to do that, and express ourselves in whatever manner we like. However, once Carrie Fisher passed away, “When will 2016 stop?” seemed to have evolved from a sympathetic gesture, to more of an actual outcry against something that doesn’t exist. Do people realize that time is a construct of human perfection, and actually doesn’t kill anyone? Are we trying to say that 2016 was “unlucky” or something? There really is no rationality to this, people just said it because everyone else was doing it. But here we go again with that doom and gloom, “everything sucks” attitude. Again, it’s normal to feel down sometimes, but we’ve gotten to the point of pointing fingers at something that we know isn’t responsible. Sound familiar? It’s the same with politics. As I said a second ago, we’re so quick to label and demonize whatever is thrown at us, even something as neutral as a unit of time.

Another thing I wanted to point out, which is probably quite obvious, is that “famous” people die each year. How was 2016 any different? Were there a disproportionate amount of celebrity deaths last year, or is our attitude shaping our perception. Also, what do we count as a “celebrity” here? Surely we didn’t cry over every single celebrity death out there. We only cried about the people we remember because they were a part of some notable works. Anyway, I could write a whole page about this, but I’ll save it for some other time.

I realize the irony of this post. It’s complaining about the doom and gloom attitude of the public, yet it’s got pretty much the same stance. I’m not calling for everyone to be sickeningly optimistic, or to put on a fake smile. I’m simply saying that maybe we can stand to be a bit more rational and objective in certain areas, and save the cynicism for when you actually need it. Applying it to everything just casts this shadow over everyday life that limits our learning and stunts our growth as people. Of course, you don’t have to listen to me, or agree with me. That’s the beauty of freedom. I can only hope you found some value in my words.

Here’s a kitten:


Have a great day.



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