200k And New Tattoos

2/12/17 7:51am

Hello everyone.

I’m sick. My eyes are all watery, and I can’t breathe through my nose. This is a very bad time to be doing a week-long upload marathon. It’s one of those situations that sparks nervous laughter. Still, I should be able to manage.

Yesterday was interesting. I went to a tattoo convention that I totally forgot about until a few days ago. It felt nice hearing the familiar buzz of tattoo machines again. For those of you who don’t know, I used to do tattoos a few years back. I guess you could say that body modifications were my thing before my channel took off. My interest in them never faded, though. I still want to stay as close as I can to that industry.

If you keep up with my social media, you’ll know that Matt got my logo tattooed on his arm. That probably sounds odd to some, but I’ve already tattooed him twice. Having my logo can’t be any worse than having other things I’ve stabbed into his skin. It’s funny, actually. I think he’s the first to have my logo tattooed. He beat me to it. Of course, I do need to get one done soon.

You’re probably wondering if I got anything done yesterday, and yes, I did. I finally got RayRay tattooed on me. I was planning on doing it since sometime last year, but the right moment never seemed to come. Yesterday was a tattoo convention, and the day my channel hit 200k subscribers. It seemed like a good fit to me. The artist did ask me what the characters meant, and everything got interesting from that point forward. The thing is, I pretty much never tell strangers what I do for a living. If it ever gets brought up in small talk, I usually lie my way out of it and say I do some mundane job. That wasn’t an option this time, since explaining RayRay would be impossible without bringing up my involvement with them.

I’m always caught off guard when people ask me what I do. I scramble to come up with something that won’t give me away. Recently, I’ve gotten to a point where I think I should just openly admit what I do, no matter how absurd it sounds to people at first. Their reactions are always the same when I do decide to tell them. They sort of back up a bit, and awkwardly go “Oh, okay. So…you get paid to do that?” That’s usually when pulling up my channel is in order, just to help them understand that I’m not making it up. From then on, they usually start asking me for advice and how adsense works, etc. It always plays out the same way, so I should just embrace it. No harm in it, really.

I know you’re probably wondering if/when I’ll show you the tattoo. It’s currently healing, which means it’s in the “ugly duckling” phase, but maybe I’ll show you after it heals. We’ll see. 🙂

Anyway, the marathon starts tomorrow, and I’m excited for it. Hope to see you there.



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