Marathon’s End

02/17/2017 8:30am

Hey everyone.

It’s finally the last day of the marathon, and I am exhausted. All I need to do today is edit the video and upload it. I just got the audio from today’s guest, so the video should be up sometime tonight.

This is the third marathon I’ve done in two years of making videos, so now for a bit of reflection time you didn’t ask for. I’m somewhat happy with what I put out. I did go into this saying that this marathon was going to out do the previous two, but I think it fell right in the same category as the 100k special. I still feel the first one I did was the best for some reason. It probably had to do with my enthusiasm for it at the time. I almost didn’t want to do my 100k special for personal reasons, and I think it showed.

This time around, I really wanted to do something better–then the collab with Rob happened and I realized I had WAY less time to throw this all together. Next time I’m going to hold off and make damn sure that I have an amazing marathon, even if we have to wait a little longer.

One thing that has always happened to me after I pull marathons is a huge decrease in motivation. Once marathons go up, I tend to burn out and go missing for a few weeks. I’m obviously not doing that this time. I don’t even feel that I need to, actually. I’m tired, sure–but I want to get back to doing my regular content. I have some stuff waiting on the back burner that I think will go well with what I’ve been putting out. All I need to do is get though today, then sleep for 12 hours straight. I wanted to try to get out of the house tomorrow or maybe even tonight, but I don’t see that happening.



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