The Circle Is A Misstep, And It’s A Shame

Ok, so I like to watch things and post my unwarranted opinions about them on the internet. Today’s topic of discussion? The Circle. In case you’re out of the loop (I know, shoot me) The Circle is the semi-latest release from the likes of Emma Watson, Tom Hanks, and John Boyega. I say semi-latest because […]

On Depression

4.20.17 4:34am Hello everyone. I got these questions from a fan a couple of days ago. As you probably already know, I’m not currently going forward with the channel, but I wanted to answer this question anyway. If you’ve read any of my entries here, then you’re probably at least somewhat familiar with my issues. […]

Pieces Of Me

4.3.2017 5:21am I can trace back anything about myself back to specific events that happened in my past. It’s like a little map that I just never really show anyone. As a very young child–much like anyone else–I was thrown the “What do you want to be when you grow up?” question via my mother […]

Dear Viewer

3.24.17 If you know me at all, then you’ll know that the way I choose to describe myself is that I’m a mess of a human being. This observation is just coming from a place of honesty–one that I wasn’t very comfortable expressing up until I became a YouTuber. If you knew me before then, […]

Marathon’s End

02/17/2017 8:30am Hey everyone. It’s finally the last day of the marathon, and I am exhausted. All I need to do today is edit the video and upload it. I just got the audio from today’s guest, so the video should be up sometime tonight. This is the third marathon I’ve done in two years […]